Options Trading — Who Should You Follow?

The whole world is in a global economic crisis and people need to create a strong financial foundation for themselves and their future.

There is so much information floating around the web about forex, day trading, real estate investing, etc. that it is hard to know if any of these programs are truly profitable.

When determining a course of action do you charge ahead, or look around to see what others are doing?

The best strategy is to observe what others are doing and if what they are doing works, follow in their footsteps.

This is precisely the strategy that students of David Jaffee and BestStockStrategy.com do on a daily basis.

As a former Wall Street Investment Banker, David Jaffee knows how to be consistently profitable by selling option premium, and he is teaching others to do the same.

The secret to his success (and his over $60+ million dollar net worth) is not to be patient and disciplined and “behave like an insurance company”).

It’s better to not “trade often”, because, when trading, being active doesn’t often equate to being successful.

As a result, he only makes 2–3 trades per week which result in an extremely high win rate (close to 100%).

When it comes to his trading strategy, he utilizes options trading, specifically selling options.

He believes that this is the only real path to profit as a retail investor.

Day trading is not profitable and he doesn’t know anyone who has made any money by day trading during the 20 years he has been in the business.

David Jaffee watches the market and when he determines that an optimal opportunity exists, he sends out live options alerts to his students so that they can follow his trades.

This strategy is responsible for him being one of the World’s best options traders and coaches.

What companies does he invest in?

Amazon, Facebook, JP Morgan, Visa, etc.


These are all strong companies that are market leaders that are well-established and are in stable markets.

Why is David Jaffee’s options trading strategy so successful?

Because the win rate and probability of profit is so extremely high.

You don’t just hit the “Buy” button and cross your fingers.

Additionally, David Jaffee is extremely good at managing and reducing your risk.

You already have an idea what is happening in the market and what each company will do.

You are just waiting until the right moment to maximize your gains and eliminate the possibility of a loss.

If you position yourself to profit, then you easily capitalize in the stock market and make substantial profits.

David Jaffee’s trading strategy works and it is the best strategy available to the retail trader.

If you want to get in on this profitable business model you can sign up for David Jaffee’s course at BestStockStrategy.com. After signing up you will receive the course via email over 12 weeks.

You can also watch informational videos about investing and options trading on his YouTube channel.

Learn how to trade stock options from the best in the business and watch your profits grow.

Written by

A Former Wall Street Investment Banker

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