Local Miami Charities Receive a Major Donation from David Jaffee and BestStockStrategy.com

David Jaffee, a successful options trader, stock market educator, and former investment banker has donated over $100,000 to local Miami charities.

Mr. Jaffee is an Ivy League Graduate and is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in his field. A humble and down to earth personality, Mr. Jaffee is an entrepreneur who is dedicated and passionate about his work.

“Greatness is not what you have, it’s what you give”. With this mindset, David Jaffee has always been proactive in helping and giving back to his community whenever possible.

He has always believed that life is not just about making money and becoming successful, but it is about spreading love and positivity so that people can reach their potential.

David Jaffee is known to donate regularly to numerous charitable causes. He is a genuine and honest person who wants to help society.

When we contacted Mr. Jaffee and discussed his philanthropic endeavours, he said: “I’ve been very fortunate in life and I want to pay it forward”.

With all the pain and struggle in the world, Mr. Jaffee tries his best to help. He has always supported various charitable endeavours and loves to empower people so that they can achieve their potential.

David Jaffee is a charismatic and beautiful soul; with a reported net worth of over $60 million dollars, he is one of the most successful options traders in the world.

Despite his success, he also is very humble. His humble personality and positive attitude towards life is the reason he enjoys helping others.

David Jaffee is driven with a passion to always improve himself and others around him.

With an unemployment rate that could hit 32% (with close to 50 million unemployed), David Jaffee has continued to donate to charitable causes and support others.

He knows and understands the struggle people have to go through when such difficult times occur and has donated money to charities who will help provide food, shelter, and safety equipment to those in need.

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak our entire society has suffered, and job losses and unemployment have been the highest since the Great Depression.

People need help and assistance, and Mr. Jaffee has been providing constant support to organizations that will cater to the people’s needs.

David Jaffee is also an author and public speaker, who motivates and inspires people to follow and pursue their dreams and passions. He has written books on depression, mental health and investment banking.

He believes in empowering people and making them independent, successful and confident.

David Jaffee is the founder and creator of BestStockStrategy.com. He has taught over a thousand students to become successful and profitable traders with his methods and teachings.

He believes in selling option premium to maximize profits while reducing risk and portfolio volatility. BestStockStrategy.com was founded in 2017 to help investors and traders learn how to be consistently profitable in all market environments.

Options trading is a skill that can be mastered as long as you have the right mentor.

Mr. Jaffee is the best mentor and an incredible person to learn from.

He structures his trades so that they have a 95%+ win rate. In fact, in 2019, Mr. David Jaffee was up 117% and had zero losing trades all year.

With such an amazing track record, he is one of the only few legitimate stock market coaches.

The stock market experienced unprecedented levels of volatility recently, it plunged 36% in just 33 days in March 2020; the speed and magnitude of the decline was historical — with daily volatility more than 10 times higher than the sell-off in 2008.

But even in this situation Mr. Jaffee is trading profitably and making millions.

You too can become a successful and profitable trader, if you are willing to learn and have the right mindset.

People like Mr. David Jaffee are rare personalities, like precious gems, who can change your life around.

He is a creative and energetic soul with a passion for creating the best version of himself and the people around him.

He wants people to succeed and achieve their dreams.

A Former Wall Street Investment Banker

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