Options Trading with David Jaffee from BestStockStrategy.com

Many people want to learn the best stock strategy. They believe that learning the best stock market strategy will help them become consistently profitable traders.

I had the pleasure of taking David Jaffee’s options trading course from BestStockStrategy.com

BestStockStrategy.com Review / Best Stock Strategy Review

David Jaffee teaches options trading. He doesn’t promise that people will be able to turn $500 into $5 million.

In fact, he is oftentimes critical of fake gurus.

David Jaffee, with a reported net worth of $60 million dollars, believes that retail day traders lose money.

He teaches his students that selling option premium is the best way to be a profitable trader because the expected outcome for each trade is positive.

In 2019, David Jaffee was up ~117% with 0 losing trades all year. He provided a video explaining his 2019 trading (with full trading statements) here: 117% Gain in 2019 with Zero Losing Trades

David Jaffee’s Option Trading Strategy

David Jaffee believes that traders should be patient.

Unlike Tastytrade and Option Alpha, which encourages their followers to “trade often”, David Jaffee from BestStockStrategy preaches discipline and patience.

He frequently uses an example of a baseball batter waiting for their pitch.

Baseball players, like traders, can get themselves out if they swing at every pitch.

However, by waiting for the best trade setup, then followers of BestStockStrategy.com can maximize their gains while minimizing their risk.

BestStockStrategy Options Trading Course

Students can enroll in David Jaffee’s options trading course at BestStockStrategy.com/memberships

Once enrolled, they will receive 12 daily lessons.

The course is perfect for beginners through advanced traders. It starts out slowly and introduces the options trading strategy.

The options trading course from BestStockStrategy.com includes emails, videos, screen recordings, audio calls, a presentation and documents.

I felt that the course was very comprehensive, with each lesson becoming more advanced.

After the initial few lessons, the course becomes more advanced.

David Jaffee introduces his watch list and provides insight into why he chose those specific underlyings.

During a bull market, Best Stock Strategy prefers to sell put options.

David Jaffee doesn’t recommend selling calls options, like Tastytrade, because the call options will get challenged during a bull market.

Instead, BestStockStrategy encourages traders to be patient and wait for market leading, and liquid, underlyings to fall in the low end of their trading range.

Options Trading Course Summary Review

I believe that David Jaffee and BestStockStrategy is one of the only legitimate stock market educators.

When people day trade, they almost always lose money.

Many YouTube educators are fake gurus, and David Jaffee exposes them so that innocent people are not hurt.

I also joined David Jaffee’s live options trading alerts.

In the alerts, BestStockStrategy discusses why he sells put and call options in a specific underlying.

David Jaffee provides students with a screenshot that shows the limit price, expiration, strike price, type of options, and everything else necessary for options traders to follow his trades.


I believe that David Jaffee is the best options trading educator available.

This Best Stock Strategy review is very detailed and I highly recommend David Jaffee and BestStockStrategy and I also encourage all students who are serious about becoming consistently profitable traders to enroll in his options trading course or to enroll in his live options trading alerts at BestStockStrategy.com/memberships

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