Can You Trust David Jaffee?

If you are interested in options trading, David Jaffee is probably a name you have heard before.

The options trading coach offers a comprehensive online trading course, runs a successful YouTube channel, and posts frequently on his blogs.

But, with so many scams in the world today it can be difficult to know what is legitimate.

Learning how to trade options can help you earn a profit every year, supplementing or even replacing your existing income.

In order to make money trading options, you have to know the best options trading strategy.

Many coaches claim to be the best, but they fall short.

So, can you trust David Jaffee to teach you how to trade options?

Before you invest in his online options trading course, you may wonder who is David Jaffee?

The Ivy League grad left his Wall Street investment banking job to trade, and teach, full-time.

Over time, David Jaffee found the investment banking lifestyle taxing on his physical and mental health. Like many others, he sought a flexible way to earn money and be his own boss.

The answer was options trading — specifically selling option premium.

Through dedication, commitment, and some trial and error, David Jaffee found the best options trading strategy to earn a profit.

Since his career change, David Jaffee has taught more than 1,500 students how to successfully sell option premium.

By learning options trading with David Jaffee, you can earn around 40% each year while targeting a win rate of ~95% on your trades.

Instead of encouraging his students to take big risks and trade frequently, David Jaffee practices patience.

Through his options trading course on, you can learn to minimize risk and maximize your profits.

But, there are a lot of options trading courses available online today.

Is David Jaffee the best options trading coach?

Known for his honesty and transparency, David Jaffee is much different than the other options trading coaches you will find.

There are no empty promises with David Jaffee because he supports his claims by showing his actual trades, real-time trade alerts, and quick responses to student inquiries.

If you are serious about trading options, you have to arm yourself with the best options trading strategy.

Learn from the best with David Jaffee of and start trading profitably today.

Written by

A Former Wall Street Investment Banker

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